You got hooked by the pictures and videos on this site? Or did you see some kiteboarders flying over the water playing with the waves or just touching the sky with big jumps. Kiteboarding is a sport that is quite easy to learn by nearly everybody. My oldest client was around 70 and the youngest around 9 years old. There are nearly no limitations. There is only one important rule: Go to a serious and licensed school with trained teachers – because, as you can guess, kitesurfing has a danger potential that can be minimized with well trained instructors and new material.


 Lennart Schulenburg Kite surf board pro

A typical course is around nine hours (3×3) with four people on Kites (Teams of two). You will work in a buddy system, while the teacher is caring for both groups. This system leads to maximum learning success. If you are interested in a course you can write me directly an E-Mail or write one to Sven from Sail and Surf Pelzerhaken. This is the place where I work in the summer. As a Procenter we always have the brand new Naish material and good teachers around.


So now some information to my instructor career: I am a certified VDWS instructor and also made a workshop to get a SUP trainer license. My trainer career started 2010 at Sail and Surf Pelzerhaken, where I did my watersports assistant, and went on with the VDWS instructor program at Norddeich.  After I finished the course successful I went off to Egypt, to Tommy Friedls station, for half a year. I did my internship over there and worked a lot. This intense time helped me  to improve my teaching and riding techniques. After I came back to Germany I started to work for Sail and Surf Pelzerhaken as a freelance instructor and in my semester vacations I have been every now and then to SurfMotion Makadi Bay.








Maybe the water is not really your element and your eyes are more focused upwards. Then the vertical sport of freeclimbing is a opportunity for you to get active. This sport is extremely diverse as it is a really good workout, can be a long relaxing climb or be a adrenalin flavored action. Climbing courses commonly split in 3 parts, which are each stand alone.


T Lennart Schulenburg Kite surf board prohe first is the toprope course, where you learn how to belay and to climb with the rope fixed from above. The second is the lead climbing, where you got to know more about dynamic belaying and clipping the rope – so going a route with your rope from the bottom. Last but not least the third part is to get outdoor on the rocks and apply your skills from the climbing gym to the real rock. This opens a new world – as you can now climb big mountains and feel the big freedom of climbing. In addition I offer personal training and special events (Birthdays, incentives etc.).


At the moment I am working for Urban Apes, who run a climbing gym in the Meridian Spa Eppendorf Hamburg and build a  brand new one in Luebeck. In addition I am doing courses for the university sport and some other Climbing Gyms. If you are looking for courses or personal raining you can also contact me via Mail and I will help you to find the right course for you.





- 2010 VDWS Watersport Assistant
- 2010 VDWS Kitesurf Instructor
- 2011 VDWS SUP Instructor


- 2008 HI-KGB Module I: Toprope
- 2009 HI-KGB Module II: Lead Climbing
- 2011 DAV Climbing Supervisor
- 2012 KLEVER Climbing Trainer
- 2012 DAV Trainer C


- 2008 Outward Bound “Social Skills Seminar”
- 2009 Life Guard “Silver”
- 2012 First Aid Training