Flatwater paradise: Wulfen

Winter is finally over in Germany and the temperatures are rising again. I had again some good sessions on the baltic sea to prepare for the upcoming season. An outstanding one was on flatwater paradise Wulfen. Niels Jende came there with me and took some nice pictures. Stable eastern wind, flat water, empty spot – the perfect session. You can find a lot more pictures in my gallery section. Also got some bad news: Damaged my knee a little bit. Butnothing too serious – it will just knock me out for 4 more weeks. Inshalla! Gonna wrap this story in my next post!


Video Feature by Rebel.TV

Finally something new here. really need to apologize, my university is keeping me ver very busy for some more days. It is exam time and I am basically learning every day. Anyways rebel.TV finished my feature the last days. Pretty cool stuff I think. If you like it hit share please.



Chilly, dilly Wakeboarding Session

Finally got on the water again – as the wind left us for a quite long time,I had the chance to do some Wakeboarding in Hamburg today. 7 degree, clouds and fog. But anyways a great day with my dudes hitting some kickers and just getting crazy on the cable.


Most of the time I was trying to perform my kite-wakestyle tricks on the cable, which is just really different and quite challenging – and a lot more painful! Also improving on sliding rails and working the funboxes. It’s always a big highlight to shred the whole day without being dependent on the wind. Later in the day we started to film a little bit, so I will probably be able to publish a new video soon.






Surfing the baltic sea again

Hey dudes, I’m back to Germany now and just had the first kitesession at my favorite spot Wulfener Hals. Quite stable winds ,really nice Flatwater and the topping is offshore wind. Had a chance to work on my freestyle skills – even so it was much worse than in Egypt just because of the cold temperature and the neoprene. Anyways Nina was so nice to join us and she took a couple of pretty nice pics.


Check them out below my post or in my gallery.  I am also working on the new video, which will be ready next week. So stay tuned!




Egypt 2011

Hey guys, I just arrived back from Egypt. Most of the time we’ve been at the station of SurfMotion in Makadi Bay, which is just an awesome kitespot. It’s outside on an island – constant wind, flat  water and it looks like the Caribbean. Apart of that we visited El Gouna and Soma Bay, which are also must see’s in Egypt. We were very lucky as we had nearly everyday wind – and if there was nothing we had time to dive, play beach volleyball or just to recover.


Two weeks of training paid out a lot.  I made really good progress and we shot some nice video and photo material – just check out the gallery and video section. This was my chance to give the 2012 Naish equipment a serious text under heavy conditions. Got to love the Torch and it’s incredible power and stability, but the most I got to love the boards. The Moneyshot, which I ride with Pads and the Arcade, which shines with bindings. You can get a glance at it at the photos.


So now my university starts again and the winter kite sessions in Germany are ahead. Stay tuned and see you on the water guys.




New web page

After a long time struggling with my old, quite amateur like, website the new web page is finally live. This was possible with the help of my new sponsor PiXELHEIMAT.


These guys have a really nice, young and innovative team – a guarantee for trendy websites on the pulse of time. It was a pleasure to work with them, as they are also Skateboarders, Snowboarders or Kitesurfers. So if you are in need of something new – concerning web pages – you know were to go.


My old website will be taken off from the net so make sure to bookmark this one. The good news for my international friends is, that this one will be completely in English.
I really hope you like it and as always I am happy to hear some advices how to change things to the better.