Fuck winter, go …!

The winter is holding Germany in it’s grasp – everyday temperatures under 0° and a lot of snow. The sun is hiding behind thick clouds and everything outside looks grey. Me and a couple of other people are totally pissed from these conditions.

As a consequence I started the “Fuck winter, go…” series with fun events like kiting, SUP, Snow(slack)lining and many more. So watch out on facebook if you wanna join these to do some fun stuff. Don’t let the winter hold you back! Stay tuned for the next posts about the upcoming events.


Climbing contest and winter kiting

Finally I managed to spare some time for a new entry. Pretty busy days – stuck learning my ass off for the most important exams of this year. Long days behind my computer learning stuff I probably never need again.


Anyways – can’t stay completely without action, so I went out on a really chilly (1° water, 2° air) kitesession at Fehmarn with my brother Finn. Attached a snapshot of a railey below. Just too cold to pull some nice moves. Felt good to be on the water again and soon it will be warm enough to start the season officially.


The second thing are the northern german climbing competitions in which I took part. We had to climb an UIAA 8 and 9- … pretty sick stuff for me. My personal goal was in the beginning to not be the last, but I managed to do the 24. place (of 40.), which is just insane! Gonna train harder now and crush the next time. Below You see some pictures of the contest.


So there are just a few days left till I go off to Egypt again. Starting the training session 2012 and visiting old friends. I also have a little surprise – just stay tuned and visit my site every now and then. If you are from Germany please sign this petition to save our spots. It is very important for all kiters to create a lobby like this to keep the spots open:  >Here!<