Fuck winter, go kiting!

Welcome to another episode of my fuck winter series. This time I went out for some Kite sessions. The coldest was in -2 degree (feels like -15° with windchill). I had two great days with Josè and Niels, who took pictures. Friday we went out in Haffkrug enjoying a big incoming swell with strong eastern winds. It was perfect for using the waves as kickers for my tricks or just looping till the adrenalin was pumping.


Saturday the crew met again in Pelzerhaken. Enjoying the comfort of a warm shower while getting into the neoprene stuff. The water was empty and we had a lot of wind. Perfect conditions …. apart from the fucking coldness. I managed to land a lot of tricks I learned the end of last year, like Back To Blind, Blind Jugde, 313 and even some Back Mobes. This is a pretty nice start for the season and I am looking forward to the upcoming contests!


After these we had some more sessions, which where always the same: Strong eastern wind, very cold, sunny and empty spots. I actually managed to get 8 days on the water during the last two weeks. This is what I call a season kickstarter. Who needs Egypt or Capetown? Go out and train guys. The conditions are perfect!


The next episode will be about some SUP action so stay tuned! We will go for a little session around the old town of Lübeck as soon as the wind drops, until then you will find me shredding on the baltic sea. If you wanna join shoot me a message it is so empty on the water haha.