Fuck winter, go slacklining!

This was the kickstarter event for my “Fuck winter, go …” series. The idea is to start all the fun summer stuff again and stop caring about this long and cold winter that holds us back. For more information check my last blog post.


So today I met with Simon and Stev at our local slack spot in Lübeck. Of course covered by a lot of snow and we even had a snowman near by haha. Then we got into our Snowboarding suits and put some neoprene boots on to stay warm. We decided to span the line for it’s full 25m – quite a tough start for the first session. Anyways the body remembers the movements and techniques really fast and it was a blast to slack through this all white winter scenery. We even had some snow fall while we were on the line.


A lot of people walked by asking what the hell we were doing here in the snow and stopped watching at our misplaced activity. In the end I must say. Crashing in the snow is a lot softer than on the ground during summer and it was not cold at all because slacking keeps you warm. So go out and have fun guys! And stay tuned for the next events which will cover kiting, SUP and a lot more!