Fuck winter, go kiting!

Welcome to another episode of my fuck winter series. This time I went out for some Kite sessions. The coldest was in -2 degree (feels like -15° with windchill). I had two great days with Josè and Niels, who took pictures. Friday we went out in Haffkrug enjoying a big incoming swell with strong eastern winds. It was perfect for using the waves as kickers for my tricks or just looping till the adrenalin was pumping.


Saturday the crew met again in Pelzerhaken. Enjoying the comfort of a warm shower while getting into the neoprene stuff. The water was empty and we had a lot of wind. Perfect conditions …. apart from the fucking coldness. I managed to land a lot of tricks I learned the end of last year, like Back To Blind, Blind Jugde, 313 and even some Back Mobes. This is a pretty nice start for the season and I am looking forward to the upcoming contests!


After these we had some more sessions, which where always the same: Strong eastern wind, very cold, sunny and empty spots. I actually managed to get 8 days on the water during the last two weeks. This is what I call a season kickstarter. Who needs Egypt or Capetown? Go out and train guys. The conditions are perfect!


The next episode will be about some SUP action so stay tuned! We will go for a little session around the old town of Lübeck as soon as the wind drops, until then you will find me shredding on the baltic sea. If you wanna join shoot me a message it is so empty on the water haha.


Climbing trip to Sicily

Heya guys, after some time being off the internet, I am back with a couple of nice story’s. After a wild New Years party I left Germany for nine days to checkout the climbing in Sicily, Italy. I left on the 01.02.1012 – and it was quite a bad start, as I had wake up at 01:30 in the night to take the nightbus to Hamburg airport from where I catched the train to Nuernberg, from there I flew to Catania. There I hopped on the bus to Palermo. Rainer picked me up at around 17:00 with our rental car – and you guess it I was totally wasted – one day after New Years eve.


However next day was quite ok. Little bit of everything – sun and rain. We went to the nearest climbing crag and went in the overhanging section. Even in pouring rain this section consisting of steep 40m limestone walls is perfectly climbable.The stone is razor sharp and can easily cut through clothes … or skin. The day went quite smooth doing some stuff around 6a to 6c+. After our hard climbing days we always made some nice dinner mostly consisting of fresh and cheap fish, vegetables and a lot of nice red wine.


Me and my climbing buddys, Rainer alias Lampi, Hartmut and Piotr had a nice time on the rocks. Click on more to read the full story!




Wow the last weekend was really charming, loads of wind and quite warm. The season is definitely not over! I had two cool days – the first was in Pelzerhaken with moderate wind to start with some freestyle on my 9 and after it picked up it was pretty nice for loops. The second day was crazy – we went to Gold on Fehmarn and had some really big big winds (gusts up to 11 bft / 50+ knts) and rain. It was a quite challenging big air session. Didn’t have the balls to loop my 7 .


And the best thing is that we have a lot more windy days coming . Probably the whole weekend we will have superb conditions to kite the baltic sea. So lets hope we also have some nice weather with it to make some pics and vids. Stay safe guys and see you on the water .


Big storm, big plans!

Hey guys, it has been a bit quiet around here the las week. We had absolutely NO wind and the temperatures dropped below zero during the night. Sucks! I was focusing on freeclimbing and getting in shape with boxing exercises. And of course fixing some plans for the next season: After new years eve, I will head over to Sicily for a week for some alpine freeclimbing in multi pitch routes. In my semester holidays again some action in Egypt and in June I got my trainer C in cooperation with the DAV fixed – new qualification ahead. And as if this is not enough I will also go to a climbing trip to Norway with some good friends – yay! This helps me to survive the winter.


Anyway let us look in the near future – if you check the forecasts you can see some decent BIG storm coming to the German costs. Of course we will be out – pushing it to the max. If we get a photographer with us, you can see some big loops next week (promise!). So let’s hope nothing changes and we will have a perfect (but cold) day on the water.

Stay safe and rock!

Video of the last Wakeboardsession

Heja guys, had some time to finish the editing from our chilly wakeboardsession last week. It was recorded by my brother Finn at the cable park in Hamburg Harburg. If you don’t know it you should visit it one day – relaxed vibes over there.

The forecast promises us some wind for this weekend – therefore it is kite time: You can find us at Wulfener Hals on Fehmarn ripping the flatwater. Anyways it’s getting really cold in Germany (yesterday it was snowing in Hamburg). So let’s get on the water and enjoy as long as possible.